Steel City Rhapsody 01: Rain in Hazelwood

PITTSBURGH, PA - A party of five is getting breakfast at a local greasy spoon when a coded radio message comes for Lesleigh (Chris), a government-employed werewolf hunter.  As she tries to leave to answer, Lena (Yako), a college student with precognitive abilities, tries to stop her and warn her about terrible events to come.  Though Lena's urgings leave Lesleigh unconvinced, the others at the table decide to come and help: Lucia (Holly), a fae who specializes in collecting and containing dangerous magical artifacts; Luther (Jovian), a reserved werewolf trying to scrape by with her unfortunate condition; and Branch (Bee), an eager accountant-turned-supernatural-PI.  The group heads out to Hazelwood, a residential neighborhood, where a strange facility made entirely of silver has sprung up overnight and werewolves are being tortured.  The group chooses to divide and conquer, but things go south quickly...

Episode art by Bee.  Editing by Holly.  Theme music by Avery Stemmler, with most other episode music coming from Incompetech.

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