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Roll to Breathe

Sep 18, 2019

(Note: This week we weren't able to record a new episode, so we're pulling a Patreon episode out of the vault to share with you.  Regular programming should resume next week.  Enjoy!)

With the Vigil of Light fast approaching, the Opal pilgrimage clutch is busy helping out with menial labor.  Having finished hanging lanterns, the three dragons-- Tokarz, Fegios, and Yorne-- are tasked with finding Llorna, an elder of House Kebros, scholar of healing magic and candidate for councilship.  When the clutch finds the elder missing from their atellier, however, the young drakes find themselves embroiled in political intrigue they don't quite understand...

Episode art by Yako.Sound editing by Holly.Most music by Kevin MacLeod, licensed under Creative Commons 3.0.

Roll to Breathe is funded by Patreon. If you like the show, please consider backing us yourself!