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Roll to Breathe

Sep 13, 2017

It was a difficult and costly battle, but as the dust clears our heroes still stand.  For the first time the whole city sees them as heroes.  As the dust clears and the heroes recover, they will find a city that adores them and ample time to recover and grow.  Danger looms on the horizon, but it can wait for another time-- today, the team celebrates victory.

Next Friday, Sept 15, at 7:00PM Eastern Time, we'll be doing a live postmortem on our first season of Masks, where we'll discuss our feelings on it.  During the show, we'll also do a Q&A of user-submitted questions.  We've gotten several already, but you can still submit your own in one of these ways:

The postmortem will be available for viewing on Twitch.  We hope to see you there!