Masks: FH Characters

Epoch, a.k.a. DAV "Dave" Monroe
played by Yako (she/her)

A sophisticated AI originally created as a Siri-style personal assistant tailored for maintaining a private database of superheroes and villains. Always eager to aid in the fight against evil, he persuaded his creator — an embittered Bronze Age hero called Doctor Watt — to give him an avatar body & train him as a superhero. Epoch has the unique ability to hack into any computer or smart device and manipulate it as he wills, and his connection to Doctor Watt makes him the ideal candidate for a team leader, but he is very fragile and not useful in direct combat.

Epoch uses the Protégé playbook, which is all about being the pupil of an established superhero.

, a.k.a. Celeste Blake
played by Chris (he/him)

A girl who has lived in Halcyon City her entire life, Celeste has a strong distaste for authority and decided to take law enforcement into her own hands. Despite having no powers, she joined up with every school sports team that would take her and threw on some old cosplay in order to become a street-level vigilante. As fate would have it, her initiative and charisma was noticed by some legit supers and she aided them in the defeat of the Biolizard, a strange and enormous monster that threatened the city's mayor.

Shibuya uses the Beacon playbook, which is about being way, way out of one's league in a city of superpowered individuals.

, a.k.a. Kim Nguyen
played by Holly (she/her)

An ordinary boy interning at the popular tech startup Arch.rr, Kim accidentally stumbled upon some dark supervillainous secrets at his job and ended up with energy-absorbing powers. Like any respectable suddenly-powered individual, he decided to become a hero and subvert his employer's evil machinations. He has the most experience of anyone on the team, save Epoch, but comes off as standoffish. His civilian identity is a closely-guarded secret, known only to his best friend and coworker, Beckett.

Reversal uses the Janus playbook, which emphasizes the importance of the dual life the character leads.

Black Cavalier
, a.k.a. Yoshiko Yamaguchi
played by Bee (they/them)

A young girl born in Japan who was sent to Halcyon City for boarding school. She's had powers for a while and models her super identity after her favorite sentai shows, but until she met the rest of the team she's used them very rarely, and mostly to stop small crimes. She's desperate to be a cool, tough, green ranger, but deep down she's a huge nerd.

Black Cavalier uses the Delinquent playbook, which is about being contrarian and rebellious while also trying to do the right thing.

, a.k.a. Abigail Louis
played by Yoshi (she/her)

A young girl from a wealthy family, Abigail is filled with a lot of pent-up frustration at her mother and guilt from the first manifestation of her powers put her father in a coma. She can draw lightning towards her, but is not resistant to it herself. Originally, she planned to use her powers to become a supervillain and gain money to fund expensive and experimental medical treatments for her father. Fortunately, she was spared from the life by a certain enormous reptile causing a much bigger problem for the city.

Lightningrod uses the Nova playbook, which deals with being immensely powerful at a high cost in collateral.

, a.k.a. Davey... something-or-other?
played by Jovian (she/her or he/him)

A probably ordinary boy whose past is relatively unknown, even to himself. What is known is that he fell into an eldritch dimension and came back irrevocably changed. He's pretty sweet and cares about his friends, but he no longer has a chance at living an ordinary life and his rapidly deteriorating memory is worrying. At least he has abilities to protect others?

Doomzone uses the Transformed playbook, which focuses on being monstrous in a way every teenager feels they are.