Getting Started


Roll to Breathe is an actual play podcast focusing on telling thematically-driven stories with lots of character melodrama.  We use various Powered by the Apocalypse systems and play a variety of "seasonal" campaigns that are largely unrelated to each other.

So, where should I start?

If you want to jump straight into a long-form campaign, try one of these:

Masks: Final Hazard

Our first series for the podcast, this campaign features the game Masks: A New Generation by Brendan Conway, published by Magpie Games.  Set in the optimistic, near-future Halcyon City, this campaign focuses on a newly-founded group of teenage superheroes as they navigate the world and come into their own.  As our very first campaign, the first episodes of this one are exceptionally rough, but once it hits its stride we really start delivering on our mission statement.

  • Status: Season 1 Complete
  • Chargen: N/A
  • First Episode: Not Desnott
  • Cast Page: Link

Steel City Rhapsody

Our second campaign for the podcast features the game Urban Shadows by Andrew Meideiros & Mark Diaz Truman, published by Magpie Games.  Set in an alternate universe, present-day Pittsburgh, this game follows an unlikely group of supernaturally-attuned allies embroiled in the arcane conflict that powers the city.  This is our most intense campaign, and also Producer Yako's personal favorite.