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Roll to Breathe

Dec 8, 2017

The group splits up to take care of their individual problems.  Lucia, Lesleigh and Lena go to the Winter Court to negotiate the release of Jean; Luther (and Brandon, per Lena's request) head to Serafine's apartment to being a bodyguard detail; and Branch teams up with Constances' hired musclewizard Chad to help Emil get to the bottom of the vampiric abductions.  But nothing is quite as simple as it seems.  The Winter Court is visibly having problems of its own, without meddling summer fae.  Branch's plucky luck may have finally met its match.  And the thing Serafine fears so much is a curiously familiar stranger...

Episode art by Bee.  Editing by Holly.  Theme music by Avery Stemmler, with most other episode music coming from Incompetech.

Roll to Breathe is funded by Patreon.  If you like the show, please consider backing us yourself!

Note: The end of the episode has an announcement about the short-term future of the podcast, but in short:  we're unable to determine whether Kyle will be able to run games in the future.  It could be nothing, but the worst case scenario is 8 weeks.  To help, we are putting Steel City Rhapsody on hiatus, and playing Fellowship instead, GMed by Bee.  Even if it turns out to be nothing, we end up with some buffer, and we plan on coming back to Fellowship to fill downtime between campaigns.

Thank you for your support and understanding, as always.