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Roll to Breathe

Aug 29, 2018

Before finishing his perparations for the evening of the full moon, Branch heads over to Jean's house to check up on her and ask for advice.  Meanwhile, Lesleigh deals with the werewolves she caught last night, including an uncomfortable revelation.  After leaving them in Luther's care, she heads over to Merlin to make final preparations for the hunt.  As Lena meets with Morgana and learns her true intentions, plans are set in motion that the team may not fully realize...

Episode art by Bee.  Editing by Kyle.  Theme music by Avery Stemmler, with most other episode music coming from Incompetech.

This weekend from 10AM Sunday Central Time to 10AM Monday Central, friends of the show Grant, Alaina, ChipCheezum and Voidburger will be hosting GEXTRA LIFE, a 24-hour marathon stream/charity drive in support of Hurley Children's Hospital in Flint, MI.  To find out more, and donate to the cause, visit!

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