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Roll to Breathe

May 9, 2018

After the ordeal of the cursed forest, the Fellowship heads back to the Inn and takes care of preparations to confront Reginor Flintkirk, the Shadowman's general.  Elysian, unable to avoid the elven council's curse, asks for help from their confidant Sparrowsnatcher and from magic scholar Heinrich.  Later, the dragon-blighted Fellowship member talks with Taylor to process the haunting visions the cursed forest showed him.  In their discussion, he shares startling information about the Shadowman's previous defeat, and Taylor converses with Orna about its implications.  As the battle draws ever closer, Stellwyn, feeling underprepared, has a heart-to-heart with an unlikely conversation partner...

Episode art by Bee.  Editing by Holly.  Theme music by Avery Stemmler, with most other episode music coming from Incompetech.

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